Go, go, go! So we can get back on the hook

Going into it we realized this was a heavy lifting work day. It started with the water taxi to hit the ATM, the bread store, and New Market. Oh and also the Town market for the first batch of the fresh produce and then the fancy wine and food shop for pickles and bacon. And I forgot to mention the two other grocery stores that I checked to see what they had. Whew. Water taxi back and more messing around with the water heater, don’t ask. I also took advantage of the unlimited water and did a couple loads of bucket laundry. Then washed the cockpit area of the boat. After pulling out the fuel Jerry cans I was hot and sweaty, off to the shower for one last taste of luxury.

We were waiting for the fuel dock to be reinstalled following the cyclone and finally around 1:30pm left the marina and headed over. The guys were still finishing up but about ten minutes later we were on the dock. First up was hauling the cans up the ramp, across the street, and to the gas station. Let the pumping commence. All told we took on 270 liters (71 gallons) which had taken us from Vuda Point out to the Southern Lau group and up to Savusavu, about 615nm for an average of 8.66nm/gal, doesn’t sound great until you think about pushing 9,000+ pounds around the ocean and how much effort is required.

While Carl transferred the fuel from the Jerry cans to the boat, I got the rest of our fresh veggies. First visit to the Town market, then back to the boat. Then another trip to the ATM for cash for the diesel (credit cards tack on 3.5% extra), the bread shop, and finally the New Market (they only had one janky looking broccoli, but I did score celery for Thanksgiving stuffing). Whew, back to the boat and then off for a final shower (cheap marina with sort of nasty shower) before we moved a few hundred meters to a mooring ball for the night. Glad to get this big work day checked off.

Savusavu, was a great visit, hanging out with other a bunch of super nice cruisers, two nights off cooking duty, gorgeous showers and facilities at the marina. What’s not to love, but we had our fill of city life and are looking forward to getting to a nature preserve anchorage tomorrow and hopefully back to isolation for a week or so.

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