Some work and some play

Cyclone Mal passed Fiji overnight bringing damaging winds (90 knots) to Somosomo (where we visited at the beginning of this sailing adventure). We came into the Nawi marina just in case the cyclone shifted more east but thankfully all we had was some rain at 2:22am, some wind around 3:30am (maximum 20 knots, maybe gust to 25 knots) Throughout the morning we had passing rain and intermittent wind but seriously, a total non-event.

Around 10:00am we headed into town via the water taxi to pick up some provisions from New Market, The Bread Kitchen (sausage rolls and spicy chicken pies for lunch after we leave), and the city market (eggs and apples only today). Then back to the boat to put everything away before I had a work, work call. In the afternoon it was boat project time, the hot water heater was leaking water so we jumped on that project while we had a dock and unlimited water. The biggest pain was draining it and getting it unstrapped from the boat. Once that was complete, we took it on the dock where Carl worked on the heater element and I cleaned out the sediment in the tank. We joined forces after Carl found a faulty O-ring and reassembled and installed it. Whew, it was a hot sweaty job working over the port engine but we got it done. Time for a shower

Then time to head to Planters Club (formally a private club back in the day, now open to all), where our Schock games continued as did my losing. Carl had nine unbelievably lucky rolls that I attribute to loaded dice. Regardless the result was the same, I had to pay for all the beers today. In between our two beers we ordered curry prawns from the adjacent restaurant and they were great, but super messy. Oh well, worth it I say. Not feeling full I order a chicken teriyaki with veggies that filled the hole in my belly. SV Nauplios crew was with the SV Passion crew when we arrived and after saying “Hi” we had to get our Schock on but now was time to socialize with them. It was a fun evening talking AI, cruising, politics, books, you name it. Super fun, but Carl wanted to call home so after a few hours we said our goodbyes and headed back to the marina, well water taxi and then the marina.

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