Protection from Cyclone Mal in Savusavu

Not my best night’s sleep and so waking at 3:00am I knew my chances of falling back asleep were not good. Soon enough 4:00am rolled around and it was time to get moving. Off the mooring ball and heading towards Savusavu in no time, with barely any wind this would be a motor day. With a rather large swell, at least it was behind us. Not too bad just some rolling. Carl was still tired so after offering me more sleep, I reciprocated and he retreated back to his berth while I plugged into a podcast. The trip was uneventful, swell, rain, and finally sun as we approached the point of land leading us to the marina. And just like that, eight hours plus a bit more we were tied up to the new Nawi marina next to SV Bumfuzzle. Pat and I tried to connect about 10 years ago in St. Paul (twice), exchanged some emails/FB chatter back then and over the years never not cross paths. Would this be the time? Nope, he and his family just left to head for the states. Someday, somewhere in the world we will share that pie.

First order of business for me, while Carl tended to the paperwork, was a shower. They have a gorgeous outdoor, private shower setup. And let me tell you it was divine. Showered, shaved, and ready to go. I connected with Carl and we headed to town (a short water taxi shuttle across the water). We hit a number of the grocery stores to find out who had what, a walk through the city market (veggies), and a stop at the other marina office to check on a mooring ball for tomorrow or the next night (much cheaper). I also grabbed a couple spicy chicken pies from The Bread Kitchen. One I had for lunch while we walked, the other saved for a later date. We also checked out the gas stations as we were down to about 1/7th of our fuel remaining. Lastly, I grabbed some take away from the Chinese restaurant for dinner later.

Back aboard, I needed a nap. It wasn’t a long one but still felt good, even if my alarm ruined a good dream. It was time for round
zwei of Schock. I had a miraculous win the first round but after a great start foundered and lost the second. Still 3 out of 4 wins isn’t to shabby. While hanging out at the upstairs at the closed bar other cruisers drifted in for sundowners. Most of the time was with SV Beleza (Michelle and Chris) and SV Nauplios (Elaine and Crawford). Sharing stories of past adventures, close calls, and what we love about our boats. Four, turned to five, to six, and around seven I said my goodbyes since it was long past dinner time. And so closed out a unique first day in Savusavu.

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