Diwali in Paradise, resort that is.

We have been watching an area that was looking to form into a cyclone for three days and had a bit of a scare a few days ago. We normally review the European, American, and Spire weather models but wanting to check all the boxes that day we added the PWE and PWG (Predict Wind modified models). That first check, the PWE was show the cyclone coming right over Savusavu. Really bad for us. At that time, we made a slip reservation in Savusavu at a new marina that was built to handle Cat 5 storms. Thankfully by the following morning all the models agreed that cyclone would pass west of Nadi (140nm west of Savusavu). Still we would get rain and wind but nothing terrible. Still we wanted to be in a marina just in case. So with that it was time get moving closer to Savusavu.

Starting around 4:15am the rain came down in buckets. Thankfully other that getting the anchor up, we can handle the boat from the dry interior of Sky Pond. Still we weren’t in a rush and took our time having coffee and reading the news (yay for internet). The rain let up and it was more of a drizzle early on in our passage. From there is was a mix of moderate, light, and no rain for the first two-thirds of the trip. Turning south west around Taveuni the rain let up. The biggest excitement came when we spotted, what we believe, were whales. Either that or really big dolphins, yeah I’m going with whales. Around lunch time we pulled into Paradise in Fiji resort to hang on to one of their mooring balls for the night.

I had exchanged WhatsApp messages yesterday, explaining we just wanted to stay one night and were watching the cyclone. With that we got the green light. However, on the radio we were told that we couldn’t stay due to weather. After explaining we had been given permission the day before and that we planned to leave at 4:00am the next night she relented and asked us to grab the red mooring ball. Whew.

We ate lunch aboard and waited until around 3:00pm to paddle board into the resort. After checking in, Carl grabbed some beers and we began playing Schock to determine who was buying. We had played in rainy Moab in April where it was a tight set of games, each of us winning one. Today, however luck prevailed on my side and I won both rounds, meaning Carl was on hook for all the beers. Very nice day to be me. Around 5:00pm we headed to the restaurant for dinner, it being Diwali they were having a special meal, five courses. It was all very good, but about half way through the main we were both stuffed. We pushed though and finished that but when dessert came (and impressive six small items from confections to salty puffed peas to to semi-sweat cake?) all we could do was picked at it and try each thing. We were beyond stuffed, Carl feeling guilty as we didn’t get any exercise today, while I didn’t mind that by just felt overstuffed. An amazing dinner, all the same.

Just as we were getting ready to paddle board back to the boat the sky opened up. Whelp, guess we will wait a bit. Ten minutes later there was a break and we hustled back to the boat just in time to beat the next passing shower. Phew, what a day.

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