Back to town for lunch, repair parts, and provisions

With a bit of melancholy, we pulled up anchor at 6:15am to make our passage to Bahia Los Angeles. The stop became more critical after finding no propane in the tank. I had smelled a leak the night before but unfortunately after lunch the valve wasn’t closed and we had run out of gas with a now gushing propane leak. So, a new hose is needed and we’re pinning our hopes that Guillermo (restaurant owner on the beach) can point us in the right direction. If not, let’s not think about that. Cruising, fixing things in exotic locations…

Very little wind meant it was a motor sail, with a major emphasis on “motor”. But the seas were calm. Timing was not good for currents, meaning we lost a 1 to 1.5 knots of forward speed. No worries, we had extra time for reading, games, relaxing, and naps. Plus, this was a short passage of only 40ish miles.

We pulled into Guillermo’s place for some margaritas and lunch and got to asking around for a driver to help us find the propane parts and gasoline. Luck shined on us and a lady took Lowell around to various hardware store and the propane guy. Once he was back, I made a trip for gas while Lowell and Murril grabbed provisions. Talk about a smooth operation, this team rocks.

Back aboard we hustled over to Don Juan to toss out the anchor and enjoy another margarita on the bow watching the day slip away listening to music and lamenting how tough we have it. This day did not suck.

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