Boat Work and Friends in Lovely Santa Rosalia

Ah how a good night’s sleep restores the body. But relaxing doesn’t get the work done, so 7am we loaded up the Jerry cans and headed for Pemex to replenish the fuel we used to get here from Penasco. Soon we had biocide in the Jerry cans and everything tucked back on the storage locker. Project one, check!

Knowing we had hard work today, we wandered into town for breakfast. Saturday morning and you would think this would be an easy fun but nope. We circled the town before finding corner stall serving breakfast. The food was eh but the entertainment (a running race 5k, 10, 21k, 41k distances) made up for it. The frequent police ATV with siren blaring had us grabbing our ears as we watch the runners jog on by. Bellies full we hit the grocery store for some fresh veggies.

Next up was washing the boat. This would be the first time, with unlimited water, out of the dust bowl that is Penasco and Gonzaga and boy would be need it. We washed the rigging and lines (dirty in just the last three weeks since they cleaned in the spring and put indoors for the summer). The brown dirt coming off and onto the deck was impressive. More and more cleaning, hell I think we spent an hour before we could finally move on to the stack pack and solar panels. It was exhausting but in the end the dirt was gone and Strikhedonia was much happier – okay I was much happier.

Whew, major projects complete it was time to take a breath to watch the Minnesota Gophers football game. The Gophers were ranked 17th playing 4th ranked Penn state at home. By the time I tuned in they had a nice lead and the second half had begun. The teams traded touchdowns and in the second half it appeared the Gophers had it locked up. Nope, Penn State ralled to within 5 points and in the closing moments nearly allowed the game to slip away before an interception in the in zone. Geez. But a win in a win and this was a big one.

In the afternoon SV Sea Rose pulled in and we had a chance to catch up on their trip from Penasco and to meet their new crewmember Tim. Most of the time was spent discussing their alternator problems (both were not working properly) and Dave (SV CAVU) gave them some troubleshooting tips and ideas. After today’s work I needed a shower badly so off I went with discussions of ice cream in the evening.

Jack took advantage of the left over pulled pork and whipped up some damn fine tacos. A quick episode of Black Sails and we grabbed Dave (Marla was still exhausted from their overnight sail) and we headed for town. We came across SV Sea Rose waiting on some pizzas so we said hello before the pull of ice cream pulled us out the door. Coco pina secured was wandered around town while Dave and I talked electronics (he formally worked for Texas Instruments) and Jack’s eyes glazed over and he wondered when the geeks would shut up. That closed out a busy but productive day and by 9pm it was lights out.

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