Work stoppage in Santa Rosalia

Anchor was up just before 6:00pm and our night passage was under way. I finished up cooking some pulled pork for sandwiches with lots of veggies plus a salad. The downside of not having first watch was a shitty of a watch schedule with really only 3 hours during the night to sleep. Still compared to our bash up to San Francisquito last spring, this was a luxury cruise. Flat calm, very light winds, and a moon attempting to peek through the cloud cover. The only puff of wind we had was around Cabo Virgenes but nothing over 10 knots apparent. Soon enough we were tied up to the dock just as the town was waking up.

This was to be a quick stop; laundry, fuel, boat wash, a couple provisions and boom back on the hook. With eyes tired from a lack of sleep a latte was the first order of business along with checking emails. Then to my favorite birria taco stand followed up with an empenda de pina from the famous Panderia de Boleo – since 1901. Then back to the boat for cleaning our clothes and sheets, cruising life is so so glamorous.

In the afternoon I needed to catch up on work since I have lacked wifi for a few weeks. And before I knew it, it was time for sundowners with Linda and Rick (SV Big City Fish). We had only briefly talked with them in Refugio so it was great to have more time and listen to stories of their life and compare our similarities (we both have two daughters in college who are graduating in the spring). Bellies rumbling we trekked over to Tonka’s for some dinner. Tonka’s is a relaxed atmosphere and our multi-course dinner gave us more time to chat and drink margaritas. Such a fun night but with so little sleep the night before I was the party pooper calling it a night. But…not before stop for stuffed churros on the walk back to the marina.

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