Stocking the freezer!

We will not be defeated by injury! After breakfast it was time to show that we can fish and remain injury free. Jack’s now favorite lure (the one that got him yesterday) was repaired and first to hit the water. Right out of the gate I had a fish on the line. A good fight convinced me it was a yellowtail and after a bit of work we had him in the fishing bucket safely. Next fish yellowtail, hell this one worn me out with his fight but again into the bucket. We really wanted cabrillas so we adjusted our fishing area and what do you know a few minutes later we had a nice cabrilla in the bucket. Clearly we were in the right spot and the fishing was perfect. Over an hour we had four cabrilla and two yellowtail. We released three other fish, so yeah it was a good morning. Side note, we did lose Jack’s favorite lure but we won’t let that sour our fishing trip.

By the time the fish were cleaned and Jack scrubbed the waterline, we had just enough time to relax before lunch. Can I say, having left overs in the fridge makes me happy? I finished off the stir-fry and then we hustled to get ready for a hike to the airstrip. The exercise was much appreciated and this time we started on the west most point of the beach working back towards the east. I looked into a couple of abandoned homes. Just as the one I explored in the spring (on the other end of the beach) it looked like people just one day decided not to return. Strange. Peering in one there was a shotgun and fishing gear on the bed. Very odd to leave. We did hear one story that Carlos Slim bought the land in this area, so maybe the deal was done and the contents were included.

Getting back to Strikhedonia we did our preparations for tonight’s passage to Santa Rosalia. There wasn’t much to be done since we filled the fuel tanks yesterday from the Jerry cans but it felt good to be ready hours early. A final weather check gave us a green light so we spent the next few hours resting.

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