A Caribbean birthday adventure!

Early 2022 I tossed out the idea of a trip with friends for my 50th birthday. Much to my surprise everyone I asked was on board, even our friends Lisa and Andy who live is Sweden, woohoo! Tickets purchased it was time to wait, finally January rolled around and just the day before we were set to leave a group message goes out that my friend Joe contracted Covid. Fuck. Everyone else stayed healthy and fun was still had, but not as much as it could have been if Joe and Cari had been able to join us.

Andy and Lisa had a 24+ hour journey to San Juan, so they arrived a couple days early and we joined them. That gave us a chance to relax on the beach and recharge before Rick and Angie arrived. The eating and drinking kicked off with some great restaurants and only one credit card skimmed. Blerg, sorry Rick.

Embarkment day arrived and with a festival in town, cabs and Ubers were in short supply. Rick snagged an XL, which with our luggage would not leave room for six people, so Andy and I huffed it to the cruise port. Funny thing is that with all the traffic we made it in about half the time. And we get some exercise, so definitely a win. With that we were quickly aboard and ready for some fun!

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