Pollo Con Achiote De Rancho recipe

A cruising friend (Steve on Salish Dragon) posted his signature dish and it looked fabulous. He included a Youtube video of a Michoacán grandma preparing the dish. Since it was in Spanish I decided to translate and try the dish myself. Let’s just say you should totally try this dish.

Pollo Con Achiote De Rancho recipe
1 Whole chicken cut into pieces
2 Potatoes
1 Medium white onion
2 Jalapenos
3 Roma tomatoes
4 Oranges (juiced)
1/2 cup Achiote
8 balls Allspice
2 Garlic bulbs
1/2 Medium red onion
3 Habaneros peppers
1 tablespoon Dried oregano
2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar

1. Put in blender: allspice, garlic, orange juice, achiote, and 2 tablespoons salt – blend until smooth
2. Put chicken in a large bowl and pour mole over the top, coating chicken, let sit 15-20 minutes
3. In large pan, high heat with oil in the bottom
4. Place chicken in pan and sear for a minute before pouring mole over the chicken, stirring occasionally
5. Slice tomatoes and white onion
6. Cut jalapenos in half, remove seeds, and slice
7. Cut potatoes in half, remove seeds, and slice
8. Add vegetables to chicken, stir and cover
9. Char habanero peppers
10. Cut thin slices of habanero peppers and red onion
11. Add to bowl and sprinkle oregano and salt over – mix well, add two tablespoons vinegar and mix well
12. Serve with rice and place pickled mixture over the top of the chicken

Here is the video to help you to a successful dish: Link

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