Project to help with night vision flying

Like many others I was extremely bummed to learn that Aveo stopped manufacturing their overhead light that had both white and red lights built-in. After unsuccessfully searching for surplus or used lights I gave up and settled on the EyeBeam Mini with white light only. I loved the touch sensitive On/Off and Intensity selection but needed a way to make it work for night flying. So here we are nearly two years after my build, um yeah I’m not much of a night pilot with just one early morning dark departure from Las Vegas to date, and I finally got around to tackling this project. So if you need to make your EyeBeam Mini lights red here is how I went about it.

This is a nice tight fit and after a half dozen flights with a few bumps the lens covers have not come off due to turbulence or time. Actually it takes a pretty good pull to pop them off.

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