Carnival – Ensenada Style

My understanding is that this was the first year of Carnival in Ensenada. The current mayor is making a big push for more civic events. Whether that is because it gives him a chance to party on the community’s dime or an excuse to be with his “alleged” boyfriend, I don’t know but I’m glad to have fun events like this to experience.


The parades ran Thursday through Sunday and I checked out the weekend additions. Of course they were running on Mexican time on Saturday with the parade starting about 50 minutes late. Not to worry that gave plenty of time to people watch, learn about confetti, and eat some elotes.

Such a super cup of cheesy spicy corn

And why wouldn’t a motorcycle club start off the parade?

With the loud choppers and crotchrockets following the policia at the start I shouldn’t have been surprised to see one of them pop a wheelie down main street. I’ll admit I had visions of him losing control and plowing through the crowd. But not today, not this time.

Hard to beat classic hotrods and confetti

Oh yes, there were dancers too.


And floats. Lots and lots of floats

I’ve never seen so many princesses and princes. From 5 years old to 75 years old it was all covered.

Nearly two hours and 50 floats later it was a wrap. All that was left was to clean the tons (literally) of confetti that littered the street.

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