Check out the Wings!

The morning started with priming parts for the Horizontal Stabilizer. Then an exciting step, hung the QB wings in the rack and got the aileron bracket and Garmin autopilot servo installed. A good chunk of the day was spent assembling the Horizontal Stabilizer Front and Rear spars. Quite a lot of riveting and even more to come. But my riveting abilities are quickly improving (zero rivets had to be drilled out due to mistakes), speed not so much yet.

I also inspected the QB fuel tanks and with a mirror and a flashlight everything I could see looked like a top notch job. However, I haven’t leak tested them yet. It also looks like my concerns about a loose B nut on the fuel line is not longer a worry as Van’s redesigned it to now have a riveted threaded fitting. I did test one of the nuts on the vent and it was very tight. So I’m thinking my chances are better than 80%…

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