Productive Day on the Front HS Spar

Why not follow up yesterday’s mistake with another one, grrr. After spending 1.75 hours fabricating the Front HS Spar brackets I realized that I failed to cut the base down to 1″ from 2″ which meant I removed too much material. So I got to make another set. Blerg. Good news is that I knew what I was doing and they turned out perfectly. The rest of the day was continuous solid productive work. I knocked out the HS Front spar caps, match drilled the spar caps, the spar doubler with the fabricated brackets are also match drilled. Let me just say there are a FUCKTON of rivets on the front HS spar!

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  • Alison Gabel October 21, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Sometimes I think building an airplane is akin to a complicated sewing project, only WAY more expensive! Forgetting to leave the extra 3/8″ for the seam allowance or not taking into account the amount of fabric that will wrap around the bar… mistakes that render an entire piece of pricey fabric a total waste. But I really respect you for starting over! And no doubt the second time around you get exponentially better because of the mistake.


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