A cooking class you say?

Early on, after joining Fly Aweigh, there was talk of a cooking class in Loreto. LeAnn and Alison stumbled on a family who offers classes while looking for a bathroom in Loreto. With the rally and my flight home it was looking unlikely. But after the rally it looked like we could make it work and on the hike up the Isla Coronado volcano Bill and his daughter Ali were convinced to join us. So the only hold up would be if we could get a reservation. As we motored past Loreto from Vee cove, Alison called and luck was on our side we could get squeezed in. Woohoo!

Sofia teaches the class along with her daughter. Her grandson helped getting everyone set up and her mom was around too. Yes, you read that right four generations in this home/restaurant. How cool! Sofia doesn’t speak English which made for a good chance to practice our Spanish skills. Not to worry she is good at getting instructions across even for those with no Spanish skills. We cooked and ate multiple courses over the three hours and learned a lot of new techniques and spices. Heck at one point she pulled leaves off a plant in the courtyard and used them in a dish. Sadly we have zero chance of finding those in a store. Guess we will just have to come back to eat here again 🙂

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