Crossing many things on the list

With only a couple days we packed in a lot today. But first up Anna and Cheresa wanted to get a workout. I was very skeptical of their plan to run around Venice but it actually worked out for them. Seven miles later they were back for breakfast before the adventure started. Since I had scoped things out already I had a pretty good plan in place. The first part of the day we visited Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, crossed the Ponte dell’Accademia across the Grand Canal, and walked through St. Mark’s Square. Oh and the must do on everyone’s list took a Gondola ride.

We had a nice lunch at Birreria Pedavena taking advantage of their bathrooms before heading off to explore alleyways and bridges. In the morning I had booked a Venetian mask painting class for us so we decided to figure out where it was located a bit early since finding a specific location can be challenging. Our phones made it pretty straightforward, our legs were ready for a break so we hung out in the empty Church di San Zulian until our scheduled mask painting time. Well actually we still arrived fifteen minutes early but we were able to start right away which was a good thing because another group had scheduled after us (which we did not realize) and evidently we are slow painters…

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