Time slipped away too quickly

After another morning run we headed straight for Saint Mark’s Basilica. There was no line and we paid your euros and headed inside. It is an impressive building and even more so for Cheresa and Anna who have not been any of the large churches in Europe. We opted for the optional tour of the museum which allows for going on the balcony that overlook St. Mark’s square.

Another cappuccino, more sightseeing, Cheresa attempting to catch multiple pigeons, and it was time for food and rest. I suppose more is due on the pigeons, yesterday there were a few pigeons in the cafe where we got a snack and coffee. Cheresa really wanted to hold one but was not able to but it started a new challenge for her – to somehow hold a pigeon. She tried many times and gave it an incredible effort with many different strategies, unfortunately in the end she couldn’t cross “holding a pigeon” off her list…

I had scoped out Ristorante Pizzeria Malibran before the ladies arrived and it turned out to be a good spot with one major exception. They swapped Anna (gluten free) and Cheresa’s (wheat) pizzas and would only remake Anna’s pizza. That sucked. Still we rested a bit extra from a busy morning before heading off through a long shopping district. A highlight for us was a street performer who was very talented and an excellent showman. We watched him for awhile before continuing on. Too soon if was time to grab their bags and head for the train station.

Bummed to be out of time, but grateful for the chance to hang out, we made the final walk to the station and had one last gelato before getting them on the train and wishing them safe travels. For me, I explored a bit more before grabbing my own bags and catching a bus to my hotel nearby the airport. It was a whirlwind trip and left me with so many great memories.

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