Cruiser’s birthday party in Chacala

Chacala is a favorite spot but we still slept in a bit and relaxed before getting underway around 9:00am, which still had us anchored before 2:00. It would have been sooner but somehow I fouled the anchor with the chain (I swear I was backing up when I dropped it Vicki) so it took three attempts. Oh well, the hook was well set and the swell was comfortable.

An hour later we paddled into town opting for the protected beach by the port captain over the waves breaking on shore. Kayak secured off we went to walk the beach and check out the fancy yoga resort on the far side. I had wanted to show Nora the beautiful upstairs studio overlooking the ocean but unfortunately there was a class going on, so she had to take my word for it.

Hunger creeping in we stopped for lunch at my favorite sarandeado fish restaurant. Not wanting to ruin our dinner we saved the fish to tomorrow and I stuck with a couple tostados de pescado and a margarita. Ha I still blew my dinner…

The next morning we kept things mellow and took care of a few boat chores. Heading into shore around 10:00am we walk the town checking out cool little hotels and neighborhoods. We were entertained by a guy working to get his motorcycle up into his shade cover. It was quite steep and with only a foot wide concrete path it took a couple of attempts before he gunned up and into its parking spot. Difficult to describe but trust me it is a challenging task. It was a surprise to come across a microbrewery in town. I’m not sure how long they have been open but the sign looked new. They are only open on Thursday to Sunday from 5pm until 10pm. Looks like we have some evening plans.

After our walk about, we settled in for lunch, I went with quesadilla arraracha while Nora went big with shrimp fajitas. Both meals were ridiculously large and I ended up bringing half of mine back to the boat. The afternoon included some rest and a visit from Bill from Epiphany. It was his wive’s (Julianne) birthday and the party was starting at 5:00pm. Guess we have a change of plans!

We got cleaned up and headed to shore where we joined four other boats for a night of great food (Sarandeado!), drinks, and fun. A highlight was Don on Bolero playing taps at sunset following by some other tunes which got everyone smiling and some couples dancing. It was a fun evening that past too quickly and after blowing past cruisers midnight we fumbled in the dark back to the dinghy and Strikhedonia.

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