Cruiser’s mecca and saying good bye

It was with a heavy heart that we departed Chacala, knowing the Nora’s time on Strikhedonia was coming to an end. She absolutely fell in love with the cruising lifestyle and sucked that she was only able to spend one week visiting. But we rallied to go out with flair!

So long Chacala

The trip to La Cruz was the kick off with so many whales. Splashing, jumping, and fin slapping. The pinnacle however was when a large humpback fully breeched less than 15 meters away to our port, only to repeat the feat a couple minutes later on the other side of the boat. Wow!

Anchor down I paddled over to visit my friend James on NellieJo while Nora rested up a bit. We had a good time catching up on the past few months but too soon I need to return to Strikhedonia, Nora and I had plans. We dinghied into the dock and with this being my first time to La Cruz of course I made a couple wrong turns, which let us check out some of the fleet. Off we went to explore La Cruz and score some dinner. I had recommendations for a few spots but we ended up at Columbo because I had heard the Estafado de Ray was amazing. No disappointed we left with our bellies full off to a special Friday La Cruz tradition…

At La Cruz Inn (and restaurant) the street is lined with tables and a couple of local vaqueros impress the crowd with their dancing horses. I had seen a simpler display at the St. Patricks day festival in St. Patrio but I really appreciated the relaxed atmosphere (sipping a margarita while sitting down). With the sun setting, we finished off our drinks and fired up the dinghy. Putting out of the marina we did a 180 when we noticed that our friends on Striker were aboard. So after a stop to say hello and pass on an offered drink, we continued on our way into the blackness of the anchorage. The fun was not over as it was very difficult to find our boat. I’d left on the cockpit lights but even so we had to make a large loop around before Nora spotted our home. Whew, she didn’t sail away without us.

The next morning early we motored the last few miles into Paradise Village marina. Sadly it was Nora’s departure day. Once tied up we grabbed out swimming suits and squeezed in some beach time. A few hours later, and after Nora’s last pina colada (and my margarita) it was time to go. We grabbed a bus towards PV. Evidently everyone was on the same schedule because it was packed! Still I managed to get Nora off at the airport stop, with her luggage, and we said a quick goodbye before I jumped back on board to continue on to the mall.

Poor little Strikhedonia

The trip went way too fast, and it was such a wonderful experience having Nora on board. Her enthusiasm for the sea was so inspiring and I am already looking forward to her next visit.

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