Day Four, Moab Brands and Dead Horse Point

The previous weekend, passing through Moab, I had a morning ride around the Moab Brands area. It was a good warmup area and in between where we were camping and Dead Horse Point. We made quick work of it and with our early start had the trails to ourselves.

Then it was on to Dead Horse, getting close to the trailhead we realized that the trail was inside a state park. Not to be deterred, Carl found a dirt road that had a spot to park and then ride a bit over half of a mile to the trail. This trail had spectacular views throughout as much of the trail hugged the rim of the canyon. Near the 2/3 point of the ride we were passed by a young kid. He would stop to check his phone, we’d catch up and off he would go again. Then he stopped at a bench, I asked if he was okay and he said he was and that he would be passing me soon. Huh, can’t let that happen, so I put the hammer down and we crushed it the remaining way. We had ridden down a wash to reach the trail and thankfully Carl was on the look out as I rode right on by our turn off. There than a tumble Carl took, it was a fantastic day riding.

Day 4 – 22.86 miles
Moab Brands Area
EZ (Green/Blue)
Deadman’s Ridge (Black)
Long branch (Black)
Bar-B (Blue)
Bar-M (Green/Blue)
Lazy (Green/Blue)
Dead Horse Point Area
Crossroads (Blue)
Whiptail (Blue)
Twisted Tree (Blue/Black)
Prickly Pair (Blue)
Intrepid (Green)
Great Pyramid (Green/Blue)
Big Chief (Blue)

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