Day Five, Enipucrop Porcupine

I’ll be honest, I was dreading this ride all week. 11 miles up on a Black diamond run sounded like a big challenge, especially after day one was only 18 miles. Nearly 100% of the riders of this trail take a shuttle to the top and ride down. Not us, we committed to peddle up and then enjoy the fruits of our labor on the way down.

The first mile and a half is pretty rough with big multiple ledges to get over but after that it mellows out (if you call riding on the edge of a cliff mellow). My plan was to really pace myself and stop every three miles for a snack. This worked very well but about half way up popping up a ledge my chain popped off. Wierd. I put it back on and it immediately it did the same thing. Taking a closer look I realized that my inner chainring had snapped after two of four bolts fell out, probably days ago, and the added torque caused the failure. Carl offered up to turn around but I took on the challenge of riding with my middle chainring (much tougher). It worked pretty well and other than a handful of spots I was able to ride everything, albeit with my quads burning.

Lunch at the top before the bomber run down. A few close calls, no injuries, and lots of smiles brought us to the trailhead and to the end of our trip.

Day 5 – 20.83 miles
Slick Rock Area
Porcupine, rode up and back down (Black)

To sum it all up…we both did not escape unscathed…on day one I flew over the handlebars and scrapped up my chin, lip, knuckles, knee, and did a number on my elbow/forearm. Day four was Carl’s turn, over the handlebars on a drop, smacking his face which busted up his lip both inside and outside. We do this for fun???

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  • Alison April 27, 2023 at 9:34 am

    Well, you may be all bruised and bloody and sore and dusty, but the views are spectacular! Those of us in relative comfort and safety have enjoyed following along.


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