Dipping my toes into panel installation

The Aerosport panel sections near the firewall tilt up and results in the inability to drill a hold in them to secure to the tunnel cover. So today started with making a couple brackets to secure that two parts. That done I dropped off the carbon fiber pieces to Gene Kear (719-338-0173) a local legend who is going to give them a nice clearcoat and in the future paint the interior/exterior.

Back to work I began the process of installing the panel wiring harness I built months ago and drilling the holes to mount the various avionics and electronical components. I got pulled away frequently today (work, calling ACS, emailing Van’s, and on and on).

Yesterday I received the elevator trim tab replacement. I’ve messed up two (left and right) so fingers crossed this time I can squeeze the trailing edge without adding waves… I did all the prep work (sanding for foam, bending edges, deburring, and dimpling. Tomorrow may be the day of reckoning…

Lastly I began reviewing the baggage/rear seat section. It breaks down what parts are “Standard” build and “Quick Build”. Unfortunately pretty quickly I found some steps that should have been completed that weren’t so I’ll have to go slow and check each step.

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