Disassembly and Adjustment of Mechanical Components on Hunter Douglas Duette with PowerView (legacy)

For instructions on Programming and Resetting of Hunter Douglas Duette with PowerView (legacy) visit: Link

The Hunter Douglas Duette with PowerView (legacy) limits are detected:
Up limit is detected by the increase in current draw when the shade reaches the top
Down limit is detected by the mechanical stop (causing an increase in current draw)

1. Slide off the side cover with the battery cable

2. A plastic pin clips into the pleats of the shade, unclip and slide motor off of the shade

3. Use a screwdriver to lift the clip which prevents the drive shaft from sliding

4. Slide out the drive shaft and remove the black mechanical stop, and then reinstall the drive shaft (be careful that the internal line coilers are not rotated)

5. Lift the shade and allow the line to fully deploy leaving the shade at its maximum extension

6. Use your thumb to rotate the stop until it is up against the left end

7. Reinstall in the reverse order
8. Install your shade and connect the battery
9. Press and hold the programming button for six seconds (once the shade begins to move release the button). The shade will now locate the Upper and Lower limits.


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