Diving a P-38 Lightning

We made the long 2.5nm passage to the north bay of Somosomo finding just a single boat in the anchorage. Wanting to get the best daylight we got our snorkeling gear and piled in the dinghy stopping by the Swiss boat (SV Lupina) and we convinced them to join us. They quickly grabbed their gear and dropped their dinghy.

Reaching shore we had the luck of Carl and Roxy knowing the hike to the beach on the other side. In past years they spent 3+ hours going the “wrong” way (a few anchorages later we met two couples who got lost and ended up spending the night sleeping in the jungle, eck). It was fun to chat with Pia and Koby on the hike and twenty-five minutes later were we suiting up.

The snorkel was fun but unfortunately we only found the propellor (three weeks ago they had located a number of other sections). Still it was fun searching and exploring the underwater world. Carl and Koby kept at it longer and rather than waiting the ladies and I headed back to the dinghies. I led the way, with important assistance from Pia and after a few concerns, we made it.

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