Artistic adventures

In back to back nights we experienced two very different but equally impressive experiences. First, word came through the anchorage about the villagers putting on a song and dance performance. Seems the mass of kid boats that arrived would let us experience an very special evening. And the second, Roxy put on a art display of her beautiful watercolor paintings, even with wine and hors d’Oeuvres!

After the cruisers took their seats on the floor the opening songs began, which folded into the ladies dancing. Then the men took over with menacing spears. There was a interchange between them for a number of songs before the cruisers started getting pulled up to join. Soon enough they had everyone dance. Just once we were reseated and singing began again, the cruisers were again pulled up to join. All told much of the time included everyone dancing together. Such a special experience. Then everyone milled around outside intermixing and chatting before slowly drifting back to dinghies, everyone with broad smiles on their faces.

The following night, we gathered in the saloon for the gallery opening. Roxy gave us an education on watercolors and walked us through the works she had selected which covered the entire globe. I might be biased, but my favorite was one she painted from a picture I took from my Wyoming adventure bike tour this year. It was such a special evening and totally unexpected.

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