A very full day with some twists and surprises

A hike was on tap for the day, the plan was to visit the villages on the east side of the island. Walking through town we acquired a number of kids who led us to the trail (the same one that they take to school) along the way met more friendly villagers looking to say hello and chat. We attempted to dissuade all of the kids but one (Effi, 10 years old?) was committed to showing us the way. It was a nice hike up the hill, followed by a steep decent into the first village and through the school yard. Along the beach we kept going, coming across more villagers asking our age, where we were from, and out plans. I haven’t met more friendly people in the world!

Coming up to a long boat that was headed to the big island we started chatting with a couple who remained on shore. Soon after they asked if we would be interested in coming to their home for tea. How nice is that! A short walk later we ended up at their home (with their church which was next door (7th Day Adventist)). Out came chairs and a table while Vika (the wife) made the tea. Turns out the tea was made from fresh lemon grass from their yard, wow! To go along with it were bananas and crackers. Tai Seru (Vika’s her husband), explained a bit about their lives and how during Covid he came across a women on the big island who was unable to feed her children. Already having foster kids in their home, they invited the boy to leave Lautoka to Marou (on Isla Naviti) much to his and his mom’s joy. Tai Seru explained that is is much easier to get kids on the right track before they go down the wrong path. We came away feeling such gratitude and appreciation for their hospitality and to learn about their lives.

As a side note, Effi turned out to be somehow related and he joined us for tea (with bananas and crackers). After watching him put three teaspoons of sugar with his tea, in his second cup, I gave him a little grief and he gave me a big smile. He was a really cute kid. We also learned his skipped school to lead us, after he assured us it was not a school day. He dupped us.

Back in the bay a boat had arrived near us. We stopped and chatted a bit and found out they were from Slovenia and this was near the end of their cruising. The wife and kids were flying home from Fiji while the husband had friends coming in to help him sail to New Zealand and put the boat up for sale. We had dinner plans at Lelee’s home at 4:30, unfortunately as we were getting ready we noticed our boats were too close and their were on shore.

I dinghied in to find them (unsuccessful), back to Sky Pond which was on the move to a new anchor spot. Unfortunately this meant staying aboard to make sure the anchor was well set. So back to shore I went to find Lelee to give her money and explain that we couldn’t make it. She explained that she had been cooking all day, so I took her back to Sky Pond to collect containers so we could eat on the boat. Then to shore and walking her home. I felt so bad setting foot into her home, seeing the beautiful table setting she had for us, and I met her husband Jack. So sad, that plans had to change but thus is life on a sailboat. She insisted that I eat while she packaged everything up and I tried many of the dishes, all tasting great. I shuttled the food back to Sky Pond where we ate a fabulous meal and shared our appreciation for all Lelee put into cooking this meal for us.

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