Settling into village life

Our first couple days flew by. When visiting villages in Fiji it is important to ask permission from the chief and present an offering of kava. This is called sevusevu. Into the dinghy with our fancy clothes (sulu skirt and collared shirt) in a dry bag we headed to shore. We were met by an nice women, who after changing clothes, removing our hats/sunglasses led us to the chief. It was a nice ceremony, parts in English and much in Fijian. No kava drinking but a relaxed conversation with questions coming and going in both directions.

After permission was granted and the formalities complete we were led outside to where the village ladies had set up blankets with the handiwork offerings. A bit of shopping and a diner plan formed was formed with Leles, a local woman for the next evening. Back to the boat it was time for paddleboarding and a bit of swimming.

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