Under way!

Everyone was up pretty early on the boat and Carl made the call for a 6:30am departure, perfect I love getting up and getting going. We were in the wind shadow of the big island, so no chance of sailing but also nice sea state. After seeing 3-4 meter seas all week on the south side of the island this was a welcomed sight.

We were traveling about 50 nm north to Somosomo, which at a bit over 5.5 knots would make for an eight hour trip. It was an easy passage until we reach the beginning of the reefs where there were lots of turns and twists to avoid becoming shipwrecked. After got out of the wind shadow the seas grew to two meters, but thankfully we didn’t have much time with it on our beam and quick enough had the waves following us.

Pulling into the bays of Somosomo we decided to anchor near the village and found a nice close in spot with only three other boats in the anchorage. A successful first passage and enjoyable, albeit motoring day on the water.

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