Ensenada Wine Country – Valle De Guadalupe

I love visiting Napa but damn the area has gotten so big and commercialized that gone are the days of walking up to a winery without a reservation. Ensenada’s Guadalupe Valley is still a gem and a return to times past. Plus the wine is getting quite good. Couple that with great food and beautiful scenery and I’m sold.

Finca Altozano

My favorite is Sol y Barro, because of the owner is a character. Originally from Switzerland but long since converted to being a Mexican he built his home and the winery buildings by hand using a cob construction. If he isn’t busy he will give a wonderful tour of the property and share his amazing story from building his pizza oven to teaching wine making.

Sol y Barro

On the more corporate side of the coin is Los Nubes. An absolutely gorgeous winery with decent wine. Definitely a spot to enjoy the afternoon with some tapas after having a few great wines elsewhere.

Los Nubes

Tres Valles

Looking for excellent wines from a small simple winery? Then Tres Mujeres may be the place. A simple tasting room with friendly staff awaits. No English spoken but if your Spanish isn’t the greatest not to worry you will still get served. Also a beautiful setting – notice a theme?

Tres Mujeres

A close second to Sol y Barro (for me) is Vinos Pijoan

Vinos Pijoan

Finca Altozano – amazing lechon, trust me on this one it is not to be missed

ViƱa de Liceaga

There are hundreds of wineries and I have yet to visit and not have an amazing afternoon. Pony up some cash, get a driver, and go enjoy the grapes!

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