Exploring and having fun on a training day

No racing today, but Anna had training in the morning so after a huge breakfast I headed into Sterzing to explore a bit. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself… I woke up with the good idea that rather than risk driving up the mountain (something that I went to bed very stressed about) I could ride the bus. Duh seems so obvious now, at the time it was a major relief.

Sterzing is a cute little town and I enjoyed walking through the pedestrian street looking into the shops and people watching. I wasn’t a good tourist as the other thing I bought were post cards. Shame. Then it was time to grab the 312 bus up the mountain. I needed change so that meant buying a sugar drink that I ended up throwing away but hey I had the $2.50 for the bus…

Once I reached Hotel Schneeberg, we headed for the adult pool for a swim and relaxation before deciding to enjoy the waterslides in the family area. A bunch of times up the stairs and down the two waterslides, along with debating which was the fastest/best before heading to the “hot tub” area. While it was a cool area the warm rather than hot water limited our time. Not content to call it a day, we headed to the bowling alley for a few games. Everything was in German and Italian, even with Google Translate we were confused by the game. It seemed you only got one ball (95% of the time) and we couldn’t figure out multi-player so we alternated and still had a fun time. After a blazing start by Anna I nipped her at in the end for pins knocked down before our time ran out. It was getting late so we said our goodbyes and off to catch the bus I went. We took full advantage of the fun to be had at Hotel Schneeberg for sure!

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