Mass start race and almost overheating

It was a mass start for the top 60 women from the last race, unfortunately only two of the American women made the cut but on a plus side Anna and I could cheer together. It was a tough day on the range and the snow for the Americans with both getting lapped (you immediately exit the course when that happens). But hey the weather was gorgeous!

After the race Anna got a workout in while I did some work of my own on a computer. Once we were done working, we hit the adult pool for a swim and lounging on the chairs. The adult pool area temperature was really hot so I didn’t last a super long time. The other part was the bus was coming soon and I wanted to get my sauna in before dinner back at my hotel. Off I went and right on time the bus hauled me back to my car down in the valley.

Each night I had been taking a sauna and then rest before dinner and that had been my plan today as well. So I headed down, took my shower, and hit the sauna. Not five minutes later a guy comes in a props open the door. I was quite confused and the temperature slowly dropped. Huh, I asked the other people in German if they spoke English (Yah) and then asked about the door. Evidently tonight was a special Tyrol sauna day. Due to the cooling temperatures I had moved to the top row and while waiting the sauna filled up. Not sure what to expect, I waited in anticipation.

In came Lucas (who opened the door earlier and who I learned is a trainer at the hotel), he closed the door, steamed up the sauna with water and herbal Essence. Next came the fun… Lucas had a towel that he would whip at each person dousing them with extremely hot air. Whew was this overwhelming. It went on for about 8 minutes before he re-steamed up the room for round two (guess it was getting too cool). At that point I asked if I could move to the lower level, and reluctantly room was made for me. The session last fifteen minutes and in the end I was more than ready for a cold shower!

For dinner my last night in Sterzing I headed into town. I went to my first, second, and third restaurants but without a reservation was out of luck. I was getting nervous I was going to end up at the Chinese resturant before moving off of the main drag and finding a great place (Restaurante Pizzeria Bellavita) where I had prawn tortellini and octopus.

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