On to Venicia to stretch my legs

I skipped out on the final day of the biathlon races in Ridanna and after breakfast hit the road. It was a smooth drive with no issues (thankfully) and the only surprise was the total cost for tolls. On the drive into the Dolomites I had four or five toll booths and on the drive back only one but the 35 dollar charge came as a surprise (later adding up the multiple charges it was about the same). Regardless, I was grateful for smooth roads and light traffic. Google Maps sent me down the wrong road at the airport so I turned off the technology and follow the road signs to the rental car return. Then it was on to a bus into Venecia.

I had picked a hotel that was walking distance from the bus terminal and right off the bat I was amazing how much easier navigating Venice than my last visit which relied on paper maps. So much less time searching. I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I was able to check in, drop my bags off an get to re-exploring the city.

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