Exploring Isla Isabel

A bit of breakfast and then it was time to visit the blue footed boobies. Walking from the beach we could hear some talking near the research center. Coming through the trees we stumbled on a group of high school students who were camping and learning about ecology. Jean showed us the path, for a little bit… The mass of iguanas who showed little fear caused scream or two. Through the tall grasses we climbed to the top. But where were all the blue footed boobies? Don’t get me know, there were some but not the hundreds that we normally see. Strange. Was it the last season tropical storm? Was it a tough summer?

After saying hello to the boobies where were nesting we retreated to the beach and then hiked over to the crater lake. The trail near the shore was submerged and since we had work to do and snorkeling we called it and headed back to Strikhedonia. It was time to wash the salt off from our crossing and oh was there salt. With three of us it was pretty quick work and we only burned through 75 liters of water. Not bad. After the work, it was time to cool off in the perfect 84 degree water. Darn near exhausted we showered, had a bit of lunch, and it was time for a two hour nap.

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