Hustling time in Matanchén before continuing on to Chacala

It was a relaxing low power motor to Matanchén – well we did have the main and jib up. The low winds on our bow limited how much speed we got from the sails to 0.1 to 0.2 knots but at least it looked like we were sailing. Anchor set we headed to shore for some beach walking. Of course the tiny biting bugs were feasting on our fresh meat so after our hike we retreated to our screen protected oasis. A nice dinner and with heavy eyes we headed to bed.

The next morning we hustled to the jungle tour, bought our tickets and waited for the boat to fill. It wasn’t long and we were loaded up and moving upstream. The water level was definitely higher than in the spring but oddly the flowers, birds, and other animals were difficult to come by. We did see a few crocodiles and a two turtles, sadly the early morning birding was a bust.

They dropped us off at the fresh water swimming hole and left for the crocodilia (semi-zoo further upstream). We got our swim on and some quality rope swings before our snacks arrived. The visit was cut a bit short (supposed to be an hour and we were flagged down after 45 minutes). So no second swim, just hurry to pay our bill and load into the panga. It wasn’t all bad though since we wanted to get to Chacala today.

Anchor up after grabbing some banana bread and other treats from the bakery in La Trovara, we soon saw 7.2 knots with just the jib and 2,400rpm on the engine. This made quick time to Chacala and by 4:00pm our anchor was down and we could relax.

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