Fiberglass, ugh

So the cowling fit is shit. To get it to line up in the back, the front is off – not terrible but off. The sides are the issue. On the pilot side there is a 7/16″ gap. WTF. So today the sides got built up to fill the gap. More fun tomorrow.

The cabin top is now drilled and cleco’d in place. Not a big job but a nice one to check off. In the next couple days I’ll get the overhead console cleco’d in place and then remove the cabin top for bonding.

The doors are moving forward too, got the metal support plates epoxied in today. Another step closer.

On the electrical front… Wired the co-pilot switch panel which went smoothly. Then moved on to the headset jacks. Took my time did a great job and then went to test them, fuck me, I switched the Mic and Headset jacks (not interchangeable). So I rewired the pilot/co-pilot with new Mic jacks (could reuse the Headphone jacks). Tested it again and I could hear on both COM1 and COM2, good so far. Push to Talk worked. Good again. Sadly no audio was transmitted. Turns out the headpphones have a stereo jack but don’t use the sleeve – which I didn’t realized and when I metered out which pins to use inadvertently soldered on the wrong terminal. Fixed that and all four sets work and no problem transmitting from Com1 or Com2. Whew.

I also spend more time configuring/setting up my G3X panel. There is a lot of software in there to go through. But I’m learning and it is looking great. Lastly I ran the panel pitot tubes and attached the grounding strap to the engine. Little stuff that takes time…

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