Elevator Tip Filling

First, I think the top cowl is in a good place. The sides are now built up and there are no longer gaps on the sides. However, now material needs to be built up on the bottom cowl so the thickness matches the top cowl. Mañana

Also, got the Elevtor tips filled in and floxed. Sanded that and coated with micro. Tomorrow hopefully final sanding, or else another layer of micro.

In between steps I polished the ends of my Bowden cables. If you look closely in the picture, the bottom cable has not been polished and you can see the vertical cut lines. I hated that look so I sanded… 320, 600, 800, 1500, and finally 2500 grit.

Also I added the ends to the Aerosport vent servo. Unfortunately it didn’t work. I confirmed power to the servo and a voltage on the signal but no worky. Tomorrow I’ll call for help.

Lastly, I spend some time troubleshooting a problem that turned out wasn’t a problem. My G5 would get a RS-232 error. I unplugged my PFD (which shares the RS-232 signal to the GTN650xi) and the problem went away. So I took the connector apart and confirmed my schematic was correct and the wires were correct. In messing around I found that it appears to be an issue related to the order of power up. And the error does clear, however the G5 retains a warning that there was a issue. Need to figure out how to fix that by means other than cycling power to the G5.

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