Begin the doors…

Seems I will be living in the world of fiberglass and epoxy for awhile. The engine cowling hinges are now all drilled, this took two people – one to squeeze and one to drill. After all the filling of the sides and back there is poor alignment on the front corners. Got a layer of flox down to start filling the gap. And on the top of the cowl at the nose cone it was way, way off. There is about a pound of flox there smoothing the transition. More sanding, lots more.

Drilled/cleco’d the Aerosport overhead console to the cabin top and the took the top off, hopefully for the last time. Then it was time to drill the metal straps that go around the back sides and top. Lots of holes to drill and dimple. Also drilled and mounted the door hinges.

Last up for the day was work on the door handle. It is a mix of Van’s Aerosport, and PlaneAround. This makes instructions a bit more work. I’ll save you the boring details and leave it with I have to take the door handle apart tomorrow. Thankfully Ed has an excellent video and when I got home tonight I watched it and found the missing step in the Aerosport instructions. Tomorrow I will disassemble and add the spring/locking pin and reassemble. And that my friends is why I didn’t attempt to build both handles at the same time.

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