The cabin top has a parasite

Sooo, I finished up the sanding/priming of the right elevator trip fairing before moving on to wiring the overhead console lights. I needed to get the console finished so it could be attached to the cabin top. This meant putting in the eight single lug nutplates that I had to order way back when I last worked on attaching the aluminum inserts into the overhead console. Last up was installing the four airvents. Then it was time to bond the overhead console to the cabin top. Lots of flox, carefully placing the two parts together and then clamping them.

The longerons that met the cabin top got riveted and the bulkheads were trimmed to size and the nutplates installed on the frame (bulkheads need to be removable).

I jumped back onto the door handles that I started yesterday. After doing most of one, I finished it up and made quick work of the second.

With the cowling in pretty good shape, the baffling was up on the priority list. Drilling, mating, match drilling, and riveting various pieces got me to the sides and back baffles installed. The front baffles are a lot more complicated and work for another day.

With the Airflow Performance fuel control instead of a Bendix, I ran the mixture/throttle cables to the wrong sides. So out came the cable and then back on the correct sizes (with the correct cable lengths (mixture is shorter). That about did it for the day. Whew

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