Finally a down day, kind of

We did end up having a mellow day, that started with a nice hike on the beach to enjoy the continuing windy conditions after which we drove back into Sigatoka for lunch, I continued the trend with another curry at King Singh’s. A beer felt appropriate so I added one of those too. And with that a 600ml beer stein was dropped off. Huh, guess my afternoon will be spent relaxing even more… Previously we hadn’t realized that the north part of town was much larger than the south side. So we wandered around people watching and peaking in shops.

Back to our hotel, it was still low tide so no chance for a snorkel but I hopped from sandy patch to sandy patch out to the end of the coral reef where the waves were breaking. Probably 1/3 mile off shore and the only drama came when I stumbled upon a moray eel. Thankfully he splashed away before I managed to corner him and all was good for both of our lives.

Still feeling lazy, we decided to just eat dinner at the hotel. And in case you are wondering, I did not make it through an episode of Mythic quest before my eyes shut for the night. Lazy indeed

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