A mellow day, well sort of

The jetlag might have been a factor or it could have just been the go, go, go full day yesterday but regardless we decided to have a low key day. After another tropical breakfast at our hotel, we wandered across the street to the palapas on the beach. I had brought my snorkel gear but with the lack of sun and low tide, that didn’t make much sense. So while Jean did yoga I walked into the ocean to explore the sea life. I stumbled on a number of brain coral and some colorful star fish. Even saw some small fish jumping out of the water to avoid being eaten, best I could tell they all survived.

Then it was time for a beach walk, nothing gives me a break from the world like a beach walk. Just a slow pace, sounds of the ocean, and being present. I’m not sure how far I drifted but a good while later I turned around seeing ” I heart Fiji” made out of rocks. Yep, that is a great spot to make the U-turn. On the way back I checked out a “fancy” resort. It was very nice but hell it could have been a resort anywhere in the world. I much prefer being out visiting a country and not holed up at a resort. With it starting to ran I jogged back to Jean. She was just finishing up and looking to see the ocean herself. So we headed out together to see a bit of sea life.

There isn’t much around our hotel so nearing lunch time we jumped in the car for the short drive to Sigatoka. We walked the town, finding a store that happened to have Edmonds Custard Powder, a request from our NZ gardener back home. After making the trip up and down the main drag with our throats sore from all the “BULAs” (Fijians are always there with a hello and a wave) we walked into Beenooz seafood restaurant for lunch. Jean went with the mixed stir-fry while I tried the lamb curry. The proprietor was smartly dress and made us feel right at home waiting for our food, which was excellent.

Bellies full we went a short distance to Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. A friendly, informative explanation before we paid our $20 ($10USD) to explore the park on the “long” loop. It started over grass and forested areas before reaching the sand dunes. We sort of expected a signs showing the way but it turns out you just figure it out as you go. So I would climb a dune, look around and then let Jean know if she needed to scramble up or if I was headed back down. Eventually we made it to the beach with large crashing waves that we followed to a path after a mile or so. Definitely recommend checking it out.

I had been emailing the Shangri-La Yanuca Island resort looking for a dinner reservation. Hours past between emails and little progress was being made, but I said what the heck lets give it a try anyhow… We drove to the resort only to be met by Yeva, the security guard, who explained the resort was at high capacity and no outside visitors were allowed. I explained my emails to the reservation agent and that I thought we had a reservation (slight fib) and showed him my email exchange. He had us pull to the side to park while he called someone, at this point I told Jean it was 50-50 we would get in. Shortly after he came by with directions to the self parking area. Woohoo!

A bit more drama with a second security guard before being shown a parking spot. Since we hadn’t been here before and started walking in a direction that seemed correct but in hindsight led us down the employee service area. Oops, ultimately we jumped a fence and were next to hotel rooms. We drifted around the resort just catching the sunset before finally arriving at the Black Marlin restaurant. Just one more hurdle to convince the hostess to feed us, since we had neither a reservation nor a room number. She took pity on us and the results was a very nice dinner, with way more food that we should have ordered, accompanied by a great two piece band. One more check in the great experience column!

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