Finishing and Firewall Forward kits counted, and I am done!

Everything is now consolidated, I had rivets in probably 100 different bags, now just one bag per size. Same for the other hardware. Also all the parts are labeled so when the plans call out for a specific part number I won’t be searching for which bag and kit to look. That should make the build go much smoother. Plus no surprise missing parts. Speaking of which here is the final findings:

Parts that were missing:
VS-1010-PC (QTY 2)
AN507C632R8 (QTY 30)
MS21025-20 (QTY 1)
U-00711 (QTY 1)
U-00712 (QTY 1)

Extra parts I’ll be sending back to Van’s:
C-1016 (QTY 2)
VS-1011-PC (QTY 1)

And finally the back ordered items:
WD-1017-1 (Nose gear) – 6 to 12 weeks
VS-1010-PC (VS bracket) – 5 weeks
HS-1016 (HS Stringer web)
NACA vents
Bag 1145
Bag 1149

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