First anchorage in the Sea of Cortez – Bahia Los Frailes (Friars)

After a pounding thirty miles it was relief to duck into Bahia Los Frailes. For the first time since Turtle Bay we saw another sailboat. Could it be our friends on Thelasic. No way. We motored in and scoped out the bottom before dropping the hook a good distance away from our co-patriot.

The wind was still whipping and Janis took her first shot at running the helm while anchoring. After getting her to look outside at where the wind was pushing us, she got the hang of it and snuck us into 15 feet of water where over went our Mantus anchor. Not questioning the holding power of our anchor, but still wanted a good scope with the forecast 20 knots of breeze coming. We settled in with 125 feet of chain (it was low tide). A quick swim to cool off, after a bloody hot day since the windows were closed due to the water splashing over the bow, let me check on the anchor which I found buried under the sand. I had to brush away three inches just to see the bright orange hoop. Nice. I will sleep better knowing it is nice and deep.

Emily and Sam’s Thelasic

Deciding it was time to explore, I snorkeled to shore and was treated to a surprisingly good mixed of fish. The highlight however was stumbling on a spotted eagle ray. I watched him for a good fifteen minutes before deciding to move on. So amazing to see in the wild up close. There is a small make shift fishing shanty town with about half a dozen structures and another six sleeping pads and blankets. Fishing must be poor, or the wind/swell bad, because none of the boats were out today. I walked over to a hotel that upon arrival showed it had been a few years since it shut the doors. Sad to see, since someone clearly put a lot of work into it and at one time was a very nice getaway. Interesting to look into the upper windows see all the furnishings, it was like one summer they closed up expecting to return and then decided to say screw it, we ain’t going back. A short distance away I found the old generator, battery bank, and power distribution sheds. Not much left, whether from vandals or the owners, just a few batteries leaking acid and concrete.

On the return I noticed a dingy heading towards Strikhedonia. I found our neighbor was indeed Thelastic and they were catching everyone up on their adventures as I arrived.

Strikhedonia and Thelasic at anchor in Bahia Los Frailes

They had stopped in Bahia Maria (we skipped) and skipped Cabo/San Jose Del Cabo (we enjoyed). Emily and Sam had gone scuba diving and gave us the run down on getting to town by hitchhiking, which would be a first for me, and explained the dive shop options. It was good to catch up but they would be leaving tomorrow while we would stick around for a few days and wait out the strong northern winds and short steep waves that we banged into coming up from San Jose.

Another night of good food and another partially watched movie, catching a theme here?

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