First Condition Inspection (Annual) of Van’s RV-10 N241VP – DONE

I customized my Condition Inspection checklist based on Walt’s (EXP Aircraft Services LLC) checklist. I also added some frequently needed documents/information to the end of my document. Here is a link to my checklist

As with building, there was a learning curve this year that added a good amount of extra time and effort. Next year I think the Condition Inspection portion will be around 25 hours.

Condition Inspection HoursRepair Item HoursUpgrade Hours
2/28/20220.6Compression test
2/28/20220.15Tail fairing removal
3/1/20222Remove wheel pants and interior
3/1/20220.75Disassemble instrument panel
3/2/20220.5Inspect engine
3/2/20221.25Oil change
3/2/20220.5Clean engine
3/2/20220.25Remove Mags
3/2/20220.25Remove bottom plugs
3/2/20220.25Clean air filter
3/2/20220.5Inspect propeller
3/3/20220.7Clean and gap spark plugs
3/3/20220.3Install bottom spark plugs
3/4/20220.75Borescope cylinders
3/4/20223.25Engine checklist, including SB SL-00003
3/5/20221Disassemble nose gear and install two spacers
3/5/20220.5Remove nose wheel, clean, pack wheel bearings, reinstall
3/5/20223Remove main gear wheels, clean, pack wheel bearings, inspect brake system reinstall
3/6/20220.33Install Mags
3/6/20220.5Inspect/lube wings, including SB SL-00003
3/6/20220.5Inspect/lube tail
3/6/20221.5Reinstall wing and tail inspection panels
3/6/20220.5Swap batteries
3/6/20220.25Inspect/lube/clean rear fuselage
3/6/20220.5Install rear seat panels
3/7/20221.5Install panel
3/7/20221.25Add GTR20 to ESS bus
3/7/20221.25Rewire Nav/Strobe light connector
3/8/20220.25Inspect/lube/clean controls in tunnel, including SB SL-00033-R1
3/8/20220.75Clean fuel filter
3/8/20221.25Time Mags
3/9/20220.5Time Mags * Somehow we inadvertently changed the DIR, which caused a lot of extra time to figure out
3/9/20220.75Install interior
3/9/20220.5Test tail light
3/9/20220.5Fix tail light
3/9/20220.5Wire Audio Panel to ESS bus
3/9/20220.75Install interior
3/9/20220.25Fix headphone jack
3/10/20220.25Install interior
3/10/20220.5Install wheel pants
3/10/20220.4Install cowl
3/10/20220.25Test run engine
3/10/20220.25Install instruments
3/10/20220.5Troublehshoot GTN650
3/10/20220.5Clean up hanger
3/11/20220.5Fix GTN650 issue was panel restricting connector mating
3/11/20220.5Install interior
3/11/20220.25Test ELT
3/11/20220.25Clean panel

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