A little wheel pant bling!

A big day is coming up on April 11th, I’ll be heading to Hibbing, Minnesota to drop off N241VP at Midwest Aircraft Refinishing. Before painting I had one last little project I wanted to get completed. Flyboy Accessories manufactures a high quality, stainless steel tow bar/tug guard for the nose wheel. I picked it up a few months ago and the annual was a good time to install them since the nose wheel pants would already be removed.

Installation is straightforward, although I did deviate from the installation instructions. It is an experimental aircraft after all. The only hiccup was the guy who painted my interior drilled out the holes in the wheel pants to use his tug and did not properly center the right side. After enlarging the holes with my Dremel there is a slight hiccup, the guard covers it and it was so minor I decided to not fill it with epoxy/flow (if you look close on the photo you can find it).

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