Fun with brakes

I finished up the co-pilot door strut. Then made some adjustments to the door lock blocks, sprayed some silicon and bam the doors open, close, and lock perfectly. Then it was on to floxing in the carbon fiber door sill. Once that was clamped down I added a nice edge and filler to the rest of the door opening and sill with micro.

I circled back to the brakes which continue to be a problem. I talked to George at Matco about half a dozen times and he ended up giving me an RMA number after another disassembly and measuring all the components. They should all be good but for some reason they were still dragging. After our last phone call I did a final test and found that it was a hydraulic issue and not mechanical. I still don’t understand how that is possible as the caliper pistons were only 0.012″ out and there is 0.070″ of clearance built into the system. Makes no sense.

Then it was on to installing nutplates and the flap tube covers. Followed that up with the nutplates for the rear tunnel sections. God, I love nutplates. I finished up the day with riveting the baggage door frame., at least the lock side (which was the most complicated).

Wondering why there aren’t any pictures? Yeah, I dropped my phone. Ugh. Still waiting for a new one. And still waiting for my paper copy of my FAA registration. I am not patient.

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