How about some time sanding, sounds fun!

I bit the bullet and sanded the windshield surround fiberglass. That was a three hour project, but it looks pretty good and will certainly keep the windshield from departing the aircraft. Whew, happy to have that checked off.

Then it was time for more sanding, this time sanding on the co-pilot door sill I epoxied yesterday. It turned out well, not perfect but a solid B+. I’m hoping the painter can take it to an A. Next up, the second (pilot side) carbon fiber door sill. From yesterday’s experience I hope that it will be easier to remove the tape and sand once it cures.

And back to the brakes… I removed the parking brake from the system to simplify things. Then I bleed both the left and right, taking meticulous care to not leave any air in the system. And the the big test – well the left side seems to work well. The right however still has a problem. Another call to Matco coming on Monday.

I finished my day working on the baggage area. This is nutplate and rivet rich area. I made nice progress but I was just too tired to finished it. MaƱana

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