Working back to front

Whew, today feels like there was great progress. I was able to get the two charge ports installed with a bracket for the batteries. That will save me from removing the bulkheads should the batteries need to be topped off. Then it was on to finishing the baggage area panel covers and the baggage door. Let me just say the two rivets at the top of the baggage door support were a motherf’r to rivet. Nearly impossible to get a bucking bar up there and once a bucking bar was up there getting good pressure on the rivet, ugh. But with time and effort I persevered.

I thought I was done with nutplates until I was putting in the final panel behind the rear seats. Yep, four more nutplates. Once those panels were in the tunnel covers could be installed and then the rear seats. I mounted the baggage door but still need to fabricate a longer door lock bar. Soon…

I also tapped the nutplates for the tail fairing that goes over the horizontal and vertical. I need to countersink the holes in the fairing, then it will be just a couple minutes to get it final installed.

Last up for the day was sanding. My favorite. I finished off the outside of the rear windows. That sounds quicker than it was. Then rough sanded the pilot side door sill and mixed up a batch of micro. Applied a second coat, hopefully the last, and tomorrow I’ll sand it down.

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