Goodbye Teresa and Jack

Sadly it was departure day for Teresa and Jack. The question was could we drop them off in Loreto or would we divert to Puerto Escondido? Jack didn’t see any whitecaps but Vicki and I were skeptical since it had been blowing since 2:00am and the daylight was just creeping up. But we headed for Loreto, the first fifteen minutes were good but then the seas built and the waves convinced me that a dinghy ride to Loreto would not be a smart plan.

With the course diverted to Puerto Escondido it gave us following seas and a much more mellow ride. An uneventful passage let us tuck into the protection of the anchorage where Vicki took the helm to motor around while I Jack and Teresa into the dinghy dock. We made super quick time and said our last goodbyes. I think it was less than ten minutes and we had the dinghy raised and were headed back out to sea. Of course Jack had to say his own goodbye with a “full moon” as we past the breakwater. I would have been disappointed had he not.

The trip to Bahia Salinas could be interesting since we were have a three mile stretch that could bring waves on our beam or possibly port bow. It was a relief that the sea state was unchanged from earlier and we weren’t pushed around too much. Once we made the turn between Isla Dazante and Isla Carmen it was a downhill run so out came the screecher. This lasted until the turn around the southern point of Carmen, where in came the screecher and we prepared for the slog north 12.5 miles. This stretch was into the wind (20 knots apparent) and waves. With some protection from the island we had minimal wave slap just slow going.

Throughout the afternoon and evening the wind was blowing but it was comfortable. After the always tasty taco dinner we played a bit of Monpoly Deal where Vicki beat up on me in back to back games. And with that we called it a day.

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