Let’s do this hike!

Our second day in Ballandra started a bit slow. With no major plans we took it easy until 10:30 when we it was time for a hike. I wanted to retrace the trail that Julia and I took in our attempt to get to the Salinas salt ponds about a year ago. So I booked it while Vicki, Jack, and Teresa hiked in the same direction and a more respectable pace. This time I laid markers every 5 minutes on my gps as I hiked to get a better idea on the path. Since we decided the hike would be 90 minutes long I knew I wouldn’t get all the way to bahia Salinas but I still wanted to get as far as possible. Last time we drifted too much north so after about twenty five minutes I intentionally drifted more south. The bonus was finding an abandoned home and cistern in the middle of an area of heavy brush. Crazy to stumble on and even more crazy to think someone trekked building materials 2-3 miles to the location. I continued on until I was five minutes past my turn around time where I stopped on a bluff and took a panoramic picture. Then I had to step it up jogging and fast walking in an attempt to get back to the dinghy in time. I got a reprieve a bit over half way when I caught up with everyone else. Whew, I could now take a relaxed pace the rest of the way.

Lunch was on order as the hike left everyone famished, especially myself. Then a bit of TV before it was nap time. Oh did that nap feel good. As late afternoon approached I needed to find a place to make a call for my weekly development meeting. A short dinghy ride and I had good-ish reception. The call dragged on and so did the hehenays (no-see-ums) biting me. Ugh, the little bastards are tiny and just wouldn’t leave me alone. Finally off the call I checked in with my daughter Anna and tried to call Jean. Then back to the boat just in time for sunset.

Following a great steak dinner with a wonderful bottle of wine our friends (CJ and Ted) gave us we settled in to watch another favorite movie of Jack and Teresa. Tonight’s feature was Fandango starring Kevin Cosner and Judd Nelson. Double shockingly I stayed awake for yet another movie! And with that I was done, time to sleep.

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