A great morning full of exercise and a papaya

We have been knocking off what decommissioning we can on Sky Pond each day and it has resulted in less work on the hard, so first thing this morning was changing my flights home. Of course calling multiple airlines and going back and forth on options and prices takes forever. But I did get everything changed so next up was paddling to shore for a hike.

I paddled in to where we left the boards yesterday but couldn’t find Carl’s board. Huh. Then something clicked in my head about leaving them after the drawbridge. Back on the paddleboard and under the drawbridge I went. I struggled to get up the incline off the water without getting wet. Just making it with only my toes wet I start searching for Carl’s board again. And again no joy. As I was wondering around looking, a walker mentioned it was not safe to leave by board there. Understood. So I carried my board and things back to the first spot (about 10 minutes away). And searching the area finally found Carl’s board. Geez, 1.5 miles and 35 minutes later I can finally start my workout…

I first headed to the grass landing strip. Walking along the runway I passed the workers heading in to the resort from the employee house. Lots of “Good mornings”. Past the piles of sorted recycling (There was so much that looked like it had been there for a very long time. I don’t hold any hope of it being recycled). The runway ends at the beach, I followed it until the water was too high to go any further and cut inland. To my luck I stumbled on a grove of papaya trees. Locating a stick, I knocked one down for breakfast and took it back to the beach. Using a shell, I cut half of it and peeled it open. Going full caveman, I chewed into it getting my face covered with papaya juice, as I peeled it back ate the exposed area, and peeled some more. With my face and hands, a mess I rinsed off in the ocean before using my water bottle for a final rinse. Glad I had it. From there is was past the burning garbage pit, yes this was the unabridged tour. Doubled back, up the hill to the cell tower, dropped down by the church (for weddings???), and finally back to the beach. Whew. Two and a half hours and 5 miles later.

Boat work took up part of the afternoon, as did finish my current book. Sadly, it was not great with a terrible ending, but I finished it. Then around 2:30pm we headed in to shore for some pool time and another round of Schock at the beach bar. I think Carl was tired of all my complaining so he let me win today. I swear that guy can get a winning role of the dice at will. But whether or not he threw the game I don’t care, and a win is a win.

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